The County Day Company was born out of a passion for evoking civic pride, bringing communities together, bridging generation gaps and stimulating young minds and the citizens of the future.

This dynamic and specialist business came to fruition after three years of organising Northumberland Day – a county day celebration started from scratch and first mooted in 2015, by Jane Hunt, Creative Engagement Oracle (CEO) at The County Day Company.

Having made history by founding Northumberland Day and after generating lifelong memories amongst communities in Northumberland, privately mobilising participation in the day and handling all promotion from start to finish, Jane decided that county day organisation, management and marketing was a niche she loved working in. She set about finding a means of doing more of it and it wasn’t long before The County Day Company hoisted its bunting.

Creative & Ideas-filled County Days

It shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise when Jane had huge success with Northumberland Day, as she has delivered creative PR and content marketing as managing director of Catapult PR, for more than two decades and already had three national and almost 30 regional PR and marketing awards when The County Day Company launched.

Nevertheless, making Northumberland Day the winner of the ‘Best Travel, Leisure and Tourism’ PR Campaign in Britain in May 2018, beating some massive household names in travel to the spoils, was a phenomenal achievement. Scooping four more awards in 2017/18 added to Northumberland Day’s record of achievement. Now, having devised the framework for a true County Day buzz, with national recognition for its fabulousness, fun and focused engagement, our County Day Company team is ready to deliver more creative and ideas-filled county days.

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Employee & Community Engagement

Here at the County Day Company, we just love storytelling and know that all counties in Britain have compelling stories to tell.

Words have enabled us to win the hearts and minds of communities, through brilliant CSR campaigns that have woven those words into meaningful, engaging initiatives and inclusive and memorable celebrations.

We love to see people coming together, sharing in a moment and exuding pride in their county. We relish spreading joy and happiness. We just adore the unique occasion that is a well-delivered county celebration. Could we float your boat too?

Adding Value and ROI to Your Marketing

We care about adding value to your county day’s PR and marketing campaign. We are devoted to delivering a significant return on investment (ROI) for clients like you. That’s why we dream up such amazing ideas and why we work our socks off to make sure we hit our targets.

By building a brand for your county day, through powerful PR, interesting social media and high-impact content marketing we can make your county day a force of nature.

By engaging the media and the channels that matter to you, we can engineer conversations with your residents, schools, businesses, village societies, charities, communities and every special interest group, whether its focus is arts, zoology or something in-between.

County Day Launches, County Day Revivals & More

Our team of passionate facilitators, community engagement professionals, event organisers, tourism marketers, education advisors and PR gurus, is as adept at creating and launching a brand-new county day celebration, as it is at revitalising, promoting and growing existing county day celebrations.

With our quirky, on-point, extraordinary and irresistible ideas behind it, your county day can stand out from the crowd and gain a distinct voice.

And it’s not all about county days. We can promote any special day, whether it celebrates a particular type of regional food, from rhubarb to porridge and liquorice to marmalade, a local hero, or something that is an intrinsic part of your local heritage.

We are also a tip-top and multi-award-winning team for anyone seeking to boost and promote their food festival, cookery show, exhibition, flower show and garden festival – skills just as attractive to county shows, country fair and Christmas markets.

We also know a thing or two about promoting more unusual events – just check out our stone-skimming credentials!

10 Ways in which we can Add Value

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