The County Day Company is the specialist and niche sister company to Catapult PR and we share the DNA of that highly creative, multi-award-winning public relations agency.

The key component of this is passion. Northumberland Day has become a fabulous and much-talked-about national and regional award winner despite being conceived, launched and managed by a Lancastrian and a Lancashire-based agency. This demonstrates that our focus is success and geography is no barrier and sometimes an advantage. Sometimes we all miss the beauty inherent in what is on our doorstep and it takes fresh eyes and inspired ideas to bring it to life for both those who’d forgotten its essence and those who have never experienced it.

Capturing the imagination is part and parcel of what we do every day, whether our intention is to generate widespread exposure, win hearts and minds, or create social media engagement. One glance at, not just the national and regional awards won for Northumberland Day but also all the other trophies in Catapult PR’s trophy cabinet, demonstrates that we are whizz kids at what we do, with a locker full of ideas, inspiration and passion. Caring about our clients and our campaigns is most definitely in our genes.