County Day Consultancy

Whether you have a dormant or under-performing county day that needs reviving, or have never historically had a county day, we can help you create something special, talked-about and powerful, delivering all the benefits a county day should provide and building a brand as well as an anticipated event and date in the calendar.

We can work with you, whether your brief is pretty much a blank piece of paper, or something a little more complete, devising a plan of action for you that will take your county day to a new level, or launch it in a high-impact fashion. The latter is an important part of our consultancy, as the messaging needs to be correct, and of the right tone, from day one. Those you wish to engage need to know what you are doing and why, what the intentions are and why it makes sense. Getting this right is key.

We already have the blueprint of how to launch a brilliant and buoyant county day and the awards in the cabinet to show that we also know how to make a county day’s delivery something eye-catching and engaging. Isn’t it time you talked to us?