Our County Day Company team comprises individuals who are experienced placemakers and creators of exciting and engaging events, staged in outdoor spaces that are reimagined, thanks to the collective experiences that unfold.

Placemaking can play a huge part in county day celebrations, enabling public realm to assume a new identity and be viewed through different eyes. It can add value to that space, leaving behind legacies that enable the space to be better appreciated and easier to love. It is a powerful form of engagement and one that can reach thousands of people, within a short space of time.

Our placemaking is sensitive, informed and intelligent, drawing on the essence of what the space stands for and adding new elements and twists to the space’s inherent identity and its heritage. We understand the need for what happens within a space to feel authentic and complementary to its day-to-day identity, but equally push the boundaries when it comes to reimagining the identity in new, memorable and emotionally provocative ways.

If you wish public spaces to be transformed during your county day, or special heritage celebrations, please get in touch here.